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30 Nov

New Physics Teachers Workshop (NPTW) Winter ’12

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(Not everything has been posted yet. It’s mostly Frank’s stuff because he’s managing this page. James and Bill’s stuff will be posted when Frank receives it.)

James’ Links – James’ Videos Website

Mechanical Universe Series is also here:

James’ Lettuce Seeds Electric Field Demonstrator

How to Make James’ Lettuce Seeds Electric Field Demonstrator:

Frank’s Links

Private Universe, Minds of Our Own – Can We Believe Our Eyes? (MIT students try to light a bulb with a battery and a wire)
(Where it says “Can we believe our eyes?”, to the right, there’s a green/brown box that says “VoD”. Click that and a separate window should pop up and start streaming the video. The MIT interviews about lighting the bulb is at 2:00 minutes.)

Water analogy for electric circuits 

Squishy Circuits – Conductive “Play-doh” circuits 

PhET simulations
Circuit construction kit – 
Other electricity and magnetism sims – 

Demo – Dropping a magnetic down a copper tube
You can buy copper pipe at the hardware store. Drop a stack of button magnets (the stronger the better — get neodymium magnets) down the pipe. Buy neodymium magnets on eBay. Make sure the diameter of the magnets is smaller than the diameter of the pipe ;o).
More details here 

Brainiacs electric fence video
I didn’t show this today but it’s good. :o| 

Frank’s E&M Presentation Notes 

Frank’s Labs

Scotch tape lab – coming soon

Make a simple motor
In the workshop, we used “D” cell batteries. I recommend using strong magnets (“neodymium magnets”, which are cheaper on eBay compared to science supply companies). The wire used is commonly called “magnet wire”… 22 AWG is fine. Any thinner (large gauge/AWG) and the “arms” might start to sag too much. 

Electric shocker (includes construction materials, plans, and lesson ideas)

Other Notes

Connect ammeters in series, voltmeters in parallel. Bill says if you connect an ammeter in parallel, you will go to hell. :o( 


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