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03 Dec

Video: Brainiacs – Electric Fence

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Link to video: Brainiacs – Electric Fence

How I use it

Before each “experiment”, pause the video and ask your students to predict what will happen. Have them discuss their predictions with their partner/group and write their prediction on their whiteboard (or call on them randomly, or have them write it on a sheet of paper). Continue playing the video clip. After the “experiment”, ask your students what actually happened (since sometimes they don’t pay attention, don’t catch important details, or just see the results differently than you may).


If you prefer the ready-out-of-the-box approach…

Worksheet by Dean Baird (veteran physics teacher at Rio Americano High School and host of Sacramento PTSOS)

Worksheet by Elisa Fanchiang (physics teacher at Animo Locke Tech Charter High School)

To download and save video to your computer

This works for any YouTube video (and sometimes other video services too)…

  • Go to Click here to go to
  • Copy and paste the video link URL into the box and click the “Download” button
  • Save the video that’s your preferred format and resolution (or click the one labeled “Max 480p” if you’re not sure)
  • If your video program cannot view the file, try downloading and installing VLC media player

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