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03 Dec

Resources for NPTW (New Physics Teacher Workshop) Winter ’11

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Featured at Today’s Workshop


Frank’s Demos

Not Featured at Today’s Workshop but Relevant or Worth Mentioning


  • I do a few basic battery/wire/bulb labs, but you may have a hard time doing those if you don’t have batteries/wires/bulbs. If you’re the type to buy your own class materials (or you just need them urgently), you can buy batteries and wire pretty easily and at reasonable prices, but those little bulbs are generally pricey at hardware stores ($2-4 each). Try getting some cheap bulbs at your local dollar stores (a great place for teacher supplies in general). I found packs of 4/$1 at my favorite local dollar store. Also, if your students are normal for their age, they’ll want to add batteries in the circuit until the bulbs burn out. I recommend getting a string of old Christmas lights and removing the individual bulbs from their sockets for this purpose.
  • Global Physics Department (online physics teachers community) – Live online meetings every Wednesday.
  • Physics blogs – There are several physics teachers who also blog, giving us excellent resources and inspiring great conversations. I won’t try to post every blog, and there is no “best” blog, but I’ll point you to the blog of the guy who many would agree is the hub of the online physics community (Frank Noschese’s Action-Reaction). A great source for inspiration and discussion on physics content and pedagogy (and more!).


  • Squishy Circuits
    Targeted toward children, but you may find certain aspects useful. This was not featured at today’s workshop, but James’ Play-Doh resister reminded me of this. Addresses basic circuit concepts (open/closed circuits, Ohm’s Law, series/parallel circuits).
  • Scotch Tape electrostatics – There’s a simple electrostatics lab you can do using just a few pieces of Scotch tape. There’s a few variations of this, but I just found a random one on the internet.

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